September 21, 2015

Silicon Valley, is well known for its ability of generating capital, however these days it looks like giving it away is the newest trend.refugee

The cause du jour is the dramatic refugee crisis threatening to spin out of control across the Middle East and much of Europe. Both Google and Apple have in recent days announced big plans to give big in an effort to help out.

The news had barely sunk in last week that Google had raised more than $11 million in donations to help those caught in the ongoing crisis when Apple announced it was joining the philanthropic fray.


CEO Tim Cook has sent employees a message on the company’s intranet site to announce that the iPhone maker would make a “substantial donation” to relief agencies supporting the migrants “in Europe and around the Mediterranean.” He added that Apple would chip in two dollars for every dollar an employee donated to the cause. And Apple customers were encouraged to join in by donating through the Red Cross iOS app.

“As we’ve all seen and read in the news, millions of people from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have fled their homes because of war and persecution,” Cook wrote. “Europe, where many hope to find safety, is experiencing a refugee crisis on a scale that hasn’t been seen since World War II.”


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