May 10, 2016

California Governor Jerry Brown joined Google's Sergey Brin for a bill signing at Google Headquarters on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. The bill allows the Google self-driving car, like this self driving Prius, to legally use California roads for testing. Google co-founder Sergey Brin hopes to have self-driving cars on public roads within five years.

An incident was reported at the Californian DMV saying that a crash occurred on 28 April in Sacramento between Google’s self-driving car and a human-driven car that rear-ended Google’s Prius.

“The Google AV [autonomous vehicle] came to a stop at the intersection of San Antonio Road, then, prior to making a right turn, began to gradually advance to get a better view of traffic approaching from the left on San Antonio Road,” said the report.

“When the Google AV stopped to yield to traffic approaching from the left on San Antonio Road, a vehicle approaching at approximately 9mph from behind the Google AV collided with the rear bumper of the Google AV.”

Thankfully, the low-speed collision left no-one injured, except for possibly a bit of bruising to the embarrassment gland. The bumper bashing follows a minor crash involving one of Google’s driverless cars in April. But luckily for Google’s Auto division cars driven by dozy human drivers were to blame in both cases.

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